These Beats

Beats pour from the city street
Metal clash, concrete buckles, heat & ash
Stereo made out of garbage cans sounds sweeter
Take cues from the barking dog rhythm section

Soundscapes to landscapes
From the mountaintop to the ocean
The stream's long-playing LP lasts a millenium
We just borrow these sounds, give them back when we die

Trees whisper, they aren't angry, they do battle with the wind
Swaying to the lazy tempo
They were influenced by their roots
Which go way underground

Back in the day we beat on drums
Made of skin
But all the songs were about being alive
Now we all sing about dying

As desert sands shift
They discover a new artist
Call him the next oasis
With a cool refreshing style

The mountains know, they were once big stars
On their slow decline
As they're mined for golden hits
They die a litlle more each time, waiting for their big chance, to erupt

Sounds leak from the clouds
Sometimes a frantic trance beat
Set in tempo to a laser light show
With a deafening climax

Car alarms on constant loop
Make your backbone slide
This crazy techno can't continue forever
Sweet lady birdsongs are forgotten, pure

Junglists dance in the rainforest
Trying to protect endangered species with their love
Death metal machetes slice bones making drumsticks
To pound out the beat backed by chainsaws

Only the universe knows
It has heard all these songs before
God's only a record executive
Waiting for the next star to be born

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