A retraction

I may have been a little harsh when I made comments about my boss (see "Two Weeks Notice"). She is a good manager, and is doing her best. She is trying to rectify the situation, and she works very hard. It's a little strange for your boss to be so excited for you to go on a job interview. That's how I know I was doing a good job, and everyone here is really disappointed to see me go. They're even taking me out for lunch on my last day. Sweet! I was getting pretty stressed out there for a while worrying about money, my car, my apartment, and what I was going to do if I couldn't find a job. Rest assured, I will find one. And it will be a good one. Besides, worrying only stresses you out and makes you tired, and I can't afford to be either one of those right now. I'll be strong, dear reader, confident, and please be the same for me in your thoughts.
I do qualify for EI, but I'd rather not use it if I have a choice. Luckily, I can afford to take a little time off. A mini-vacation! Really looking forward to going to Maine, it's gonna be a blast!

On another note, had a preliminary interview with Randstad, a staffing agency. They were very friendly and professional, and gave me the confidence I needed upon doing a skills inventory. They also tested me on Customer Service, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Here are the results:

Customer Service: 96%
Word: 93%
Excel: 93%
PowerPoint: 80%?

So, in other words, I am amazing. I'll keep you posted!

A letter to critics of "A Million Little Peices"

First of all, I'd like to say....relax. So what if Mr.Frey embellished certain facts, people, and events. It doesn't change the value of the story, and the inspiration it provides to down-and-out addicts is invaluable. Possibly the guilt that Mr.Frey felt for his mistakes led him to believe that the crimes he comitted were actually worse. Fuelled by crack and alcohol, he may have lost a sense of what was real and what wasn't real. Is he hurting anyone by supplementing his story? No. And besides, if someone (TSG) is willing to spend so much time and energy in disproving his theory, they are inadvertantly supplying free publicity! If you've got a problem with his claims, look at the book as fiction, and you will be happy once again. I don't see YOU writing a book. Get a grip, and maybe use your energy to solve real problems in the world. Putting down his book will make absolutely no difference to anyone anywhere, and is a big waste of time.


You are my drug

I just need to get high
One more time before we part
Just one more kiss
Will carry me through
My withdrawl

You are highly addictive
With no warning labels
I never want to come down
It is the perfect high
I never get burnt out

When I think of life
Without you
I get the shakes
Cold sweats

You always have
The high I need
And when I taste you
I forget about everything else
Drift away

I would give my soul
To you
For an eternal supply
But I think it's too late
I already have

You don't judge me
For being an addict
A dealer needs a customer
I am your best
And only one

There's no rehab
For this narcotic
Without it
I am

Two Weeks Notice

Just when you think life is through shitting on you it shits on you some more.
I was given two weeks notice at my job. I'm leaving on good terms, but still, it sucks the big one. In my opinion it is just shitty management and it's probably a good thing that I'm getting out now, before the ship sinks below water. I've already applied for a few jobs....so keep your fingers crossed for me!


Google Image Search: "fuck up"

Okay last one I promise.......

Google Image Search: "idiot"

Anyone beginning to see the pattern?

Google Image Search: "asshole"

First hit:

Google Image Search: "drug addict"

Google Image Search: "washed up"

Yes, this is the Miami Vice cast.

Google Image Search: "disgusting"


Regarding previous post

This is one of the more rational and insightful blogs out there:

Down with religious blogs!

Seriously, religion doesn't belong on the Internet. Unless you want to be laughed at.


More on Coke zero

Man, Coke has really gone off the edge this time. What a bunch of retards! DO NOT BUY COKE ANYMORE......EVER. If you need proof, check out the ridiculously stupid www.thezeromovement.com

Anti-Coke movement


The other day, Tuesday, which, in the morning is trash pickup day in my neighbourhood, I noticed something interesting. In the afternoon, on my way home, I saw that many people had put out the wrong recycling for that week. Instead of plastic, they had put out their bins of paper. I mean, come on people. If you're really not sure what type of recycling to put out, here is my advice to you:

Look at the ten closest recycling bins of your neighbours. If the majority are filled with plastic and glass, then logic dictates that it is plastic and glass day. Unless you live in a really crummy neighbourhood, in which case you should move.

That is all.


Trash, some American statistics

There are common misconceptions about landfills, and what trash is composed of.

When William L. Rathje, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, learned that no one had ever dug into an American landfill, he formed the Garbage Project to discover just what was inside one.

People in a poll estimated that disposable diapers occupy somewhere between five and 40 percent of landfill space. Diapers were less than one percent by weight or 1.5 percent by volume of the waste in landfills.

The Garbage Project found that fast-food packaging accounts for no more than one-third of one percent of the total volume of the average landfill. Expanded polystyrene foam—used for egg cartons, meat trays, coffee cups, and packing peanuts—accounts for no more than one percent of the volume of landfilled garbage.

What is filling our landfills then? According to Rathje, it’s paper, especially newspaper. Rathje concluded that recycling newspapers could significantly lengthen the life of a landfill.

Recycle, people!



TrashSpotter teams are forming throughout North America as well as throughout the world dogg. Trashspotting as a sport was recently introduced a few months ago by characters from Matt Onstaad's (sp.) online web-comic called Achewood. It is a totally hilarious comic strip and should be read by everyone. www.achewood.com In any case, this sport was started by the character Emeril, and adopted by Spongebath and Roast Beef, who are all cats I believe.

In any case, TrashSpotting involves forming a team of 2-6 members who peruse a pre-selected or random route on foot documenting the trash and recycling they see. The recycling element seems to be more accessible, due to the obscuration of most garbage in bags. However, the mere existence of the trash itself leads the TS'er to certain conclusions. Yes, this household does create garbage. The volume of the garbage could lead you to make assumptions about the number of people in the household, and an examination of trash vs. recycling amounts may lead to certain conclusions about the environmental friendliness of said household.

In TS'ing, snacks and lively discussions are included on outings. A digital camera combined with a pencil and notepad make excellent tools to document your findings.

For more information on TrashSpotting, here are some useful links:



These should get you started and provide you with all the info you need to start your own team!

I don't feel bad for people with AIDS

I'm sorry, but I really don't. Unless you were born with AIDS, then I feel sorry for you. If you're dumb enough to sleep with someone with AIDS or share a needle then you are dumb and deserve it. I don't think I need to elaborate.


The future is children

Thanks for nothing, Subway employees

So, Subway restaurants are phasing out their stamp card program. That was cool, getting free subs. Apparently if you still have stamps, you can redeem them for cash value (towards your purchase). Okay fine. It turns out that employees were stealing the big rolls of stamps and selling them on ebay. Hence, making a few bucks and giving lucky bums free subs for life....or so they thought!

Thanks a lot Subway employees, I hope that you were fired. You ruined the stamp card program for everyone.

Pretty Gross

I really shouldn't pick on fat people so much. After all, there is all of this extra food going to waste because of retardedly skinny people (see picture below). I can barely believe this but it looks like this woman got a boob job done. That's like giving skeletor a boob-job then skeletor goes out for a walk with a fanny pack. This person is ridiculous. They should go on a diet. Of eating!!! Food!!


In your bed

So, I slept in your bed last night.
It was so comfortable, it smelt like you.

So, I did my laundry at your place last night.
Your drier is efficient, and my clothes smell like you.

So, I ate your food last night.
It was delicious, I made a pancake in your likeness.

So, I sat on your couch last night.
When something on t.v. made me laughed I turned to the spot where you sit.

But you weren't there. And through all these things I missed you.

My clean laundry in a pile on your bed.

My dirty dishes piled beside your sink.

Secretly I wished that these could be our messes. And I smiled.

Poem Translation

Original Spanish Version:

Te quiero, mi amor

Te quiero mas que palabras pueden decir
Usted me hace mejor

Usted es el sol de mi dia
Algo pierde cuando usted es ido

Yo nunca pensé podría adorar este tanto
Por eso duele tanto despedirse

Este amor que tenemos se siente tan correcto
Usted me levanta arriba más allá de todos los problemas del mundo

Escribo estas palabras para usted sólo
Ningún otro puede comparar a su belleza

Si tuve mi manera, usted nunca sería besado
Por cualquier otro hombre en su vida entera

Quizá algún día yo tendré suficiente valor
Para pedir que usted ser mío para siempre

Te quiero, mi amor.

Now available in English!

I love you, my sweet

I love you more than words can describe
You make me better

You are the sunshine of my every day
Something is lost when you are gone

I never thought I could adore you so much
That it hurts when we part

The love we share feels so perfect
You lift me up above all of the problems of the world

I write these words for you and you alone
No other can compare to your beauty

If I have my way, you will never be kissed
By another man for as long as you live

Perhaps one day I will have the courage
To ask you to be mine forever

I love you, my sweet