Hey Asian Dude!

I'm calling you out Asian dude. No, I am not some kind of racist. I know what you're thinking. You could be any race! It doesn't matter. And why, you may ask, am I calling you out? Why, you may ask, am I committing such uncalled-for libel against you over the Internet? Because this site is THE REAL NONSENSICAL GIBBERISH. DO YOU HEAR ME ASIAN DUDE? Change your URL! Do people really believe that you are a) nonsensical or b) full of gibberish? Take a look at the entire history of this blog (on your fancy-pantsy computer) and then maybe you can talk about being nonsensical.

Wait....what's that Asian dude? Oh yeah, that's right. YOU GOT NOTHIN'. This is an official calling out.

Dear Readers: please help me in calling this guy out. Leave some angry comments at www.nonsensicalgibberish.com. Serves Asian dude right for stealin my g-damn domain name!

Down With Asian Dude,

Mr. Editor

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