Simple Man

I'm just a simple man
With some real big plans
Trying as hard as I possibly can
Gotta gain some fans
With my full spray cans
Spreading the word of life throughout the land

I've got no evil in me, no malice or spite
Whether it's lyrics or graffiti, i just gotta write
Until that day when the people unite
I'll keep rhymin for free, and shinin my light

It's pretty simple, yo it's not complicated
I get so damn high, you can call me elevated
Most mc's these days just roll over and play dead
Like a psychologist I get all up in ya head

Figure it out, this mathematic equation
My songs don't get played on no radio station
Y'all fuck around you go on permanent vacation
'Cause I love life and money's never been my motivation

I thought about goin solo but that ain't right
Maybe there's more to life than rockin a mic
Beatdown and Wordsmith got my back in a fight
The only weapons i've got are my mind and my might

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