I have done some extensive research, I have come to several conclusions:

1) Most blogs are written by losers and schizophrenics.
2) I am 89% talented and awesome.

3) Nonsensical Gibberish is the best blog ever, and should be read by everyone. (Including babies, the elderly, dogs, cats, and certain rodents)
4) Eating paint chips will increase your quality of life.
5) Women love me. Looooooove me.
6) Asian people are cool. Well, except for one specific Asian guy, who is my arch-nemesis. I'll get you Asian Dude (A.D. for short)! You may have done absolutely nothing to deserve this verbal punishment, however, here we are.
7) DO NOT, under any circumstances, use hand sanitizer on anywhere other than your hands.
9) A man is capable of doing some pretty desperate deeds, if pushed over the line.

Until Next Time,

Jibber-Jabber (aka Dr.Edit)

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