One Thing For Sure

If I knew the answers
I wouldn't be asking questions

If I knew myself
I wouldn't be searching my soul

If I knew the whole truth
I wouldn't be looking for signs

I know one thing for sure
You make life a little more bearable

If I held the key to life
Should I tell the world

If I built a wall big enough
Would it keep you inside

If I held you close enough
Would your secrets become mine

I know one thing for sure
This love is sublime

If I could live forever
Would I watch the world collapse

If I found the answer to violence
Would I fight to keep it safe

If I lingered just a moment longer
Would it change anything

I know one thing for sure
I can't take my eyes from your face

If this is as good as it gets
Consider me ecstatic

If everything could be as simple as this
The world would last forever

If time is just an illusion
Then talk a little softer

I know these things for sure
Because in my dreams I've been to the end of time

And this I know for sure
Because I've seen you and I

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