A Moment

Just a moment or two
Spent with you
Is enough

These moments remind me
I am alive
And I love

The way your eyes reflect light
The way you know what I am thinking
When I can't find the right words to say

Silence is comfort
When everyone just wants to talk
But it's all been said

I have memories of you
But they're not as vivid
I remember what you look like

Our bodies fit
Like puzzle peices
You found the missing one

I'll drink you in, with my eyes
I'm thirsty
An oasis in the desert

Your kiss, the sun
Your love, the earth
And me, everything in between

You wear your emotions on your face
You'd probably
Be bad at bluffing

A limited edition
Something so rare
Highly coveted

I think I'll keep you
What fool
Would let you go?

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