That's Some Kinda Update!

Well, here we are, approaching Halloween. Is that awesome? Probably. I had a pretty good run there, what with all the postings and the suchlike. I'd just like to say that I hate Rogers. I mean, they're good guys I guess but really they are jerks. I won't go into the details, but I was this close to cancelling my service last night. But I didn't.

Some ideas I'm working on:

- Private investigation company
- Being more awesome
- Getting rid of some junk
- Denouncing my faith
- Yelling into the void
- Jumping up and down a lot
- Games of urban warfare
- Ways to make more money
- Etc.

Hahahah, also, I finally caved and bought an iPod. But it was worth it! It's totally excellent. This is not a plug for Apple. Other than that I am looking for an apartment with an office. For EVIL!

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