Only The Good

Why are the good taken
What shall be left for me
A matter of timing
Too timid to fight for it

Too much respect for those
Who've put in the time and effort
I want the easy route
I want instant gratification

How easily we build up
Structures in our head of the reality
Seeming to be accurate
But reality's a crutch, expanding

Why are the good taken
A strange lover's lament
Left with the leftovers
Forgotten in the face of romance

Nothing good comes easily
But easy comes as easy goes
I'd settle for second-best
If my intentions were good, that is

Dreamscapes plan out the days ahead
Past, present, and future blend together
In a horrendous picture
A dance best left unstepped

Time flows in a circle
The days become a year
The years become your life
Help me make this liveable

Help me undertake the misgivings
Aid me in shedding these heavy robes
I need an assistant
But so much more

Each week a new flavour
Smothering in sweet syrup
I forget the original texture
A mixture of pain and regret

Every line is about love
Every verse is about longing
Each letter a piece of the puzzle
Nothing remains

Why are the good taken
I must have spoken too soon
Life can be so serious
Take some time out to scream into the void

This is happening all over again
Infinetely definite interpretations
A contradiction in as many terms
Soldering the empty shells to form a whole

Why are the good taken
Friendship is beauty
Trust is golden
Rely on your instinct

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