Sicker Than This

What's even sicker than this
Is the fact that maybe none of this exists
Smash it all with a flick of the wrist
A mirror image, anonymous

If time is static, never flowing
It's really just the moments that keep going
I tried to catch one but it wasn't slowing
We've borrowed so much time by now I think we must be owing

What's even stranger than that
Is the fact that to me the world seems flat
Even from high on this mountaintop mat
Here in the Appalachians, Rockies, Ararat

What's even stranger than fiction
Is this reality addiction
Faith is judged by the severity of your conviction
That's hard when most of the world refuses to listen

So, if in actuality nothing is real
Then tell me why do we think, act, smell, smile, and feel
Why do filthy drunken bastards get behind the wheel
Why does it hurt when blood turns into steel

To feel so much
When reality's a crutch
Seems a bit out of touch
So and so, what's his name, such and such

Do you have a whiff of the gist
Why sometimes I get triste
And often downright pissed
I hide it well in the ethereal mist

This could become rather monotonous
Constantly debating the face of love and lust
Long after all the machines have run out of rust
And the last creatures begin choking on dust

Will our memory fade?
What will be left of the great plans we made?
Our greedy hearts cried out for blood but no one sharpened the blade
All of the debts never even got paid

What's sicker than all of that
Is a big thick pancake stack
A fat lazy cat
And a notebook full of raps

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