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Quote of the Day

"Science is everywhere,
Robots are everywhere,
Computers are everywhere,
Color TV's are everywhere"

- Tom Green

Mad Updates Son

Well it has been quite a while Dear Readers, but I am back on track, and in full swing you might say. While my job hunt proved unfruitful, a contact of mine at my previous employer forwarded my résumé to my current employer. After several interviews and tests they realized that I was the candidate I was looking for. I am undividely happy here, as the new HR Manager. I am also going back to school part time for the Project Management program at Algonquin. Yes, life keeps going so it seems. However, I was hoping to gain some revenue from EI for the two weeks I lost but no such luck. It seems funnily enough that there is a two-week waiting period during which no benefits are payable. Thanks for nothing!

Check it out! If you work in IT/IM, contact me!

So long for now,