Where is my inspiration?
I think I lost it that time I sat down on the couch.
Maybe I should overturn the cushions and search for treasure.

Where is my motivation?
It probably got left behind when we got kicked out of the hotel.
Maybe I should call the lost and found.

I'm not really sure what to say anymore
I hope this doesn't sound too forced
Really, I am trying to be honest
Can you handle the truth?

What is my reason for living?
It's not that I'm depressed, no, not at all.
Quite the opposite, I'm searching for some meaning.

Why do I love you so?
When my heart became yours, I felt it.
Like we were only waiting for this to happen.

I'm beginning to understand
By writing this down
It's becoming more clear
With every word I hold on to a memory

Where are my revelations?
I expected a few more, but maybe life is really simple.
Maybe I should read some more philosophy.

What happened to my expectations?
I might've had some once.
Maybe they just get in the way of living your life.

Now, THIS makes sense.
What we have IS real.
I've found a key to happiness.
Shoot, now where did I leave it?

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