Artist Spotlight - Atherton & Sire

Growing up in an east Ottawa suburb very few shared the same creative interest in Hip-Hop music that Atherton & Sire had; it was only natural that the two came together. Coming from similar musical backgrounds, both having tried their hand at rock n roll, the two found a niche in hip-hop and have been building upon it ever since. Starting their earliest live performances at high school coffee houses and local house parties, it became apparent rather quickly that many a man, woman and child were drawn to their sound. With production ranging from gritty soulful sample based music to clean crisp midi composed beats and a foundation in conceptual lyrics Atherton & Sire cover a lot of ground. Having toured independently throughout Quebec, Ontario and the northern United States as well as opening for the likes of J-Live, Brother Ali and Sage Francis, Atherton & Sire have been honing their skills as live performers. Atherton & Sire, now both 23 respectively, are currently in full swing promoting the release of their debut full-length album A different way of doing the same old thing. Both members believe that this project is of the highest caliber.

Listen to some tight tracks and then buy this album! You won't regret it.



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