I'm sorry to say this...

Well, it turns out that team member Loki Smoke never really knew that she was a team member. That would definetely explain the lack of postings. Well, doesn't that make me look quite the fool. Calling Loki Smoke out publicly and accusing her of having penile anxiety...shameful. One consolation to this was the fact that she actually read Nonsensical Gibberish and found out that she was indeed a contributor. I guess I wasn't really doing my job as administrator. I could have just sent her an email.

Call me what you will, but I won't be listening, unless it is positive.


My apologies

I have been getting a few complaints about the lack of content lately on the blog.

Geez well I am sorry. Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes of proper blog maintenance. Really, I will tell you who the real culprits are: f-ing Facebook and Consumating (www.facebook.com, www.consumating.com). Facebook seems to be taking off with the same ferocity that myspace did about 6 months ago. What is with these trends in social networks? I'll bet you anything that in about 6 months there will be a new and exciting network to be a part of and Facebook profiles will go untended. This is a trend I am predicting, which has probably already been predicted in the past. Most likely it will be an updated version of Windows Live Spaces with increased functionality. I must admit though, Facebook is pretty fun. When all is said and done Nonsensical Gibberish will always be there for you. All it takes is a little open fire to roast these chestnuts of blogdom.

Thank you, and goodnight.


As per Ryan's request

Old School Microphone!


Loki Smoke Where Are You?

Loki, I realize that it would be just as easy to tell you this over email, however I feel that a public posting might be more effective. You joined the team a few weeks ago, yet we have not even seen one (1) posting by you. Is it performance anxiety? Is it rage? Penile rage? Penile anxiety?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, I mean, I post enough to make up for all you slackers. As of right now, I am suspending your dental plan.
Consider your dental plan SUSPENDED!



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Now listen up everyone! Do drugs and commit crimes! Wheeeeee!

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