Something to say

How I wish I had something to say
But it all gets erased
And easily washed away

For these words I have money to pay
But problems to be faced
Lead me heavily astray

Depending on the season
My excuses become reasons
My bum knee kicks in

Consider this a personal ad
I'm not really up-to-date
The latest fads kinda elude me

I'm not perfect - understatement
Don't get me wrong
I don't stay locked in the basement

It's the let down
The big surprise turnaround
Scientific breakthrough of the year

"Maybe there just aren't enough
Words to rhyme with sunshine"
I heard through the grapevine

Subliminal thoughts
Make up the majority
Of these mental processes

From one day to the next
I can't remember who I am
Or what my values are

Did I miss some essential step
In evolution - Or did I trip
Spilling my load full of textbooks into the abyss

I'm not really negative
It's just that I'm pretty neutral
Life of the party act is getting tired

Don't remember what to say
In certain situations
Crossing the line without invitation

"Say something positive,
For once" That's funny
It's all relative

Black to me, is blue to you
I'm too mellow to care
About sunshine's yellow

So if you pass me in the street
Don't say hello
I don't care anymore

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