A Letter To Google Ads

Ah, I see that now we are alone, you and I, Google Ads. First of all, what's with the cold treatment? Have I said or done something wrong? Maybe. But why do you deny me so outright and forthwith? Fuck Google Ads....you know what? No, FUCK YOU! I've given you everything! And what do I get in return? JACK ALL. I even mentioned you! Like you deserved it. And you said I was too profane, obscene, rude. HA! What about you, Google? Huh, how many porn hits did I get when I typed in "hot hot sex" into your search engine? Many! Yeah, well I may be profane but at least I am not an Internet Pimp. So, take your ads and shove 'em, I don't need them anyway. So go ahead! Just try and shut me down.


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