Awesome Vs. Lame

Awesome: Finding a five-dollar bill on the ground!
Lame: Finding five-dollars worth of live bees in your pants.

Awesome: Roasting marshmallows!
Lame: When your marshmallow catches fire and you wave it around to extinguish the flames, but it's so gooey inside that the flaming crust flies off and lands in your girlfriends' hair and lights her hair on fire and then she is hella pissed at you for lighting her hair on fire.

Awesome: Getting wasted!
Lame: Not remembering what happened after the fourth shot of tequila, then waking up with a bad case of STDs.

Awesome: Water-balloon fights!
Lame: Getting hit with a water balloon filled with cat pee.

Awesome: Getting the Christmas present you really wanted!
Lame: Getting the Christmas present you wanted least, which was a stainless steel coffee mug filled with angry scorpions and hungry tarantulas.

Awesome: Making out with that girl you've always had the hots for!
Lame: Getting your face bitten off by that dog you've always been really afraid of.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - Having Claudine Wilson sit on your face!

Lame - Having Manda Blakely attack you with her snaggle tooth as Quark Xpress crashes just minutes before your final assignment is due!