I've feel like I've been here before
Walking barefoot down a dim lit hall
I recognize every painting on the wall
Yet still I feel like a stranger

I know I've said these things before
But somehow they've found new meaning
I'm so behind in my cleaning
But you don't seem to mind

I've watched you sleep before
But you've never looked like this
Your hair falls in your face when we kiss
Your make-up stains my pillowcase

I think I've had these thoughts before
The time and place remain nameless
All night long I talk and digress
What I meant to say was lost

What was on these hills before
A temple to an old god
A mad scientist's lightning rod
Now only you stand before me

In this place I've been before
Wandering lost without a purpose
I'm not sure how I earned this
The floor feels cold against my skin

Just like before
She said the words didn't matter
Listen for melody in the clatter
I couldn't help but hesitate

You say "before you go, don't forget
To tell me all the things you meant to"
Too late, I've put on my last shoe
And now you're waving from the window

So before I get in too deep
Something you should know
Wading slowly in the river's flow
I'll always remember this moment

Before this all started out
I'd never had a chance to dream
Singing softly like a muffled scream
My hourglass has been turned around

I know I've said these things before
On every door I've knocked in vain
For shelter, grief, and even pain
But wait, these things hold meaning

Before life, an empty space
A canvas blank, a better bet
Before it fades, just to forget
To drift away, in sweet harmony

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