The Spark

I know sometimes it seems like I think you're strange
The way I turn my eyes away and look at the window pane
Maybe it's just that I'm afraid you'll run away
If I told you all the things I've always wanted to say

I know the world is filled with promises and good intentions
How easily they can be taken for plain greed and misconception
Inside I know that trust is hard when you've been told so many lies
You love yet you despise the pain when something in you dies

Time and time again you've been told it would be different
I won't repeat those words, I'll only show you truth through my intent
A melody, a kiss, an embrace that lasts a little longer
Without words I'll show you how my heart grows fonder

The spark in your eyes, holds a meaning that words can't describe
They flicker every time you beckon me inside
Though sometimes I like to go outside and play
Darling to be honest, I cherish our lazy days

Hopefully what little I have to offer is enough
I've learned that it's okay to be in love
When we can't find the words to say
I'm sure we'll find another way

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