TrashSpotter teams are forming throughout North America as well as throughout the world dogg. Trashspotting as a sport was recently introduced a few months ago by characters from Matt Onstaad's (sp.) online web-comic called Achewood. It is a totally hilarious comic strip and should be read by everyone. www.achewood.com In any case, this sport was started by the character Emeril, and adopted by Spongebath and Roast Beef, who are all cats I believe.

In any case, TrashSpotting involves forming a team of 2-6 members who peruse a pre-selected or random route on foot documenting the trash and recycling they see. The recycling element seems to be more accessible, due to the obscuration of most garbage in bags. However, the mere existence of the trash itself leads the TS'er to certain conclusions. Yes, this household does create garbage. The volume of the garbage could lead you to make assumptions about the number of people in the household, and an examination of trash vs. recycling amounts may lead to certain conclusions about the environmental friendliness of said household.

In TS'ing, snacks and lively discussions are included on outings. A digital camera combined with a pencil and notepad make excellent tools to document your findings.

For more information on TrashSpotting, here are some useful links:



These should get you started and provide you with all the info you need to start your own team!

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