A letter to critics of "A Million Little Peices"

First of all, I'd like to say....relax. So what if Mr.Frey embellished certain facts, people, and events. It doesn't change the value of the story, and the inspiration it provides to down-and-out addicts is invaluable. Possibly the guilt that Mr.Frey felt for his mistakes led him to believe that the crimes he comitted were actually worse. Fuelled by crack and alcohol, he may have lost a sense of what was real and what wasn't real. Is he hurting anyone by supplementing his story? No. And besides, if someone (TSG) is willing to spend so much time and energy in disproving his theory, they are inadvertantly supplying free publicity! If you've got a problem with his claims, look at the book as fiction, and you will be happy once again. I don't see YOU writing a book. Get a grip, and maybe use your energy to solve real problems in the world. Putting down his book will make absolutely no difference to anyone anywhere, and is a big waste of time.

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