A retraction

I may have been a little harsh when I made comments about my boss (see "Two Weeks Notice"). She is a good manager, and is doing her best. She is trying to rectify the situation, and she works very hard. It's a little strange for your boss to be so excited for you to go on a job interview. That's how I know I was doing a good job, and everyone here is really disappointed to see me go. They're even taking me out for lunch on my last day. Sweet! I was getting pretty stressed out there for a while worrying about money, my car, my apartment, and what I was going to do if I couldn't find a job. Rest assured, I will find one. And it will be a good one. Besides, worrying only stresses you out and makes you tired, and I can't afford to be either one of those right now. I'll be strong, dear reader, confident, and please be the same for me in your thoughts.
I do qualify for EI, but I'd rather not use it if I have a choice. Luckily, I can afford to take a little time off. A mini-vacation! Really looking forward to going to Maine, it's gonna be a blast!

On another note, had a preliminary interview with Randstad, a staffing agency. They were very friendly and professional, and gave me the confidence I needed upon doing a skills inventory. They also tested me on Customer Service, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Here are the results:

Customer Service: 96%
Word: 93%
Excel: 93%
PowerPoint: 80%?

So, in other words, I am amazing. I'll keep you posted!

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ry said...

dude, if you dont update this stuff soon im un-bookmaking you..