Pessimistic Box of Chocolate Analogies

Inspired by the movie "Forrest Gump"

Life is like a box of chocolates;
- by the time it gets around to you all the good ones are gone.
- someone has tampered with the box and filled one "lucky" chocolate with arsenic.
- unless you have the little card which denotes the characteristics of each chocolate, you might end up getting one with peanuts, and you are allergic to peanuts.
- eating the whole thing will make you ill.
- it will just make you fat.
- you never know when a poisonous cobra will jump out at you.
- when the box is empty you just throw it in the trash bin.
- lots of fun, but might require a painful drilling at the dentist's office.
- you unwrap it to find somebody has already sucked all the fun out of it.
- you never know when or where Al-Qaeda will strike next.

1 comment:

MUD said...

BS, In most houses that I know of, the women punch holes in the bottom to see what is in the pieces. You can always tell if you want to know. If you are as simple as Forrest Gump you probably won't cheat and hate schrimp.