Over the course of time, and many man-hours of research, my incredible findings continue.

1. It's hip to be square.
2. It's easier to fit a square peg in a round hole than it is to fit a hexagonal cat into a triangular dog.
3. Being emo is so over.
4. Television is responsible for the social fall-out of society.
5. Myspace is ruining life as we know it.
6. Seahorses are one of the only species in which the male carries and gives birth to the babies. And let me tell you, it is a really really weird thing to see.
7. Monkeys can be cute, or ugly.
8. Na na na na na na na na Batman.
9. Hard work doesn't always pay off.
10. 37.5% of statistics don't take into account the nearly 60% of people who lie on surveys.
11. People find it hard to be optimistic when there is so much negativistic energy around.
12. A crazy amount of people die in car accidents. Maybe there should be a more rigorous test to get your driver's licence.

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