Here We GROW Again!

Once again, I feel it's necessary to welcome an avid reader of Nonsensical Gibberish turned contributor Womacky! to the fast-paced, guacamole-eating, small-child-scaring world of blogging. And what better forum than Nonsensical Gibberish? I expect great things from both Womacky! and Loki_Smoke. In your honour, here is this motivational poster.

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MUD said...

I do not have a War Frequency meter, per century or a per capita death rate for any century. I do know the lethality on the modern battlefield is very high and people that don't have it together had better not play. I doubt that the soldiers in the 1860's thought the Civil War was a cake walk. The 100 years war was no treat. The 5,000 British soldiers that lost in the big battle of the Zulu wars probably thought it couldn't get much worse. By the way, what's your point? War is hell and then you die.