Hard-Boiled Eggs

Man, I had a hard-boiled egg. That thing was like all kinds of delicious! With some salt straight up all over it. Does anyone realize the power of eggs? It is a real ridiculous power.

Bethesides, how long are hard-boiled eggs good for if kept in the fridge whence boiled. This one which I ate today was coming close upon two weeks old (all decorated and such with easter what-have-you's such as dye and crayon and mad stickers). Even though old, still mad delicious!?! Yes. And eggs have got all kinds of protein so which is good after riding your bike to work and be feeling very much protein-in-need-of.

Hard-boiled eggs I hereby re-name you "Awesome Ovals" or "Unfertilized Chicken Embryo Surprise." YOU decide, America?!?

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