If this is news, then I'm an International Terrorist

Britney Shaves Head, Checks Into Rehab......blah blah fucking blah. Who gives a crap? I really cannot believe that we've become so shallow as a society that some played out teen pop star makes news headlines by getting a haircut. And I can't believe that I'm even giving her the airtime here on N-G. But I wanted to vent my frustration a little. She's checking into rehab? For what, being a fucking loser? I hope her millions of little girl fans don't look up to her anymore because the world would really be fucked if they followed in her footsteps. Flashing her whatnot for everyone to see, driving with her infant son in her fucking lap, yeah great parenting skills. And we're shocked when some fanatics fly planes into the WTC. No shit, motherfucking Sherlock! Look at the garbage going on in your country! Wake up, meatheads, get a life, and start living it.

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