A transcription from Achewood Comics regarding finding a replacement for yourself after getting kicked out of a band.

Lyle: Hey T! You play bass? I need someone to stand in for me.

Teodor: Sure I can play the bass. Anyone can play the bass. It's an idiot's instrument. It was invented so the guitarist and drummer would qualify for the carpool lane.

Lyle: Careful shithead, I play the bass.

Teodor: Well, Sting has an IQ of 103, so as you can see it's just a high-functioning generalization. What's up?

Lyle: I....uh.....I gotta go meet the children of Senator Dell Graham.

Teodor: That's weird. What's the deal?

Lyle: Oh, he's an old friend of my dad's. Kind of a pain, what can you do. Total formality.

Teodor: That sucks. Where do I show up?

Lyle: We practice in Ray's spare room. Five o'clock.


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