If I....Would You?

If I threw up in your hair.....would you still love me?
If I ran over your cat....would you still care?
If I said you were ugly.....would you still hold me?
If I slapped your face for saying something stupid....would you still do the dishes?
If the situation were reversed, I know I would.
Despite all of my faults, you know I still love you.
If I burned your face with acid....would you still cook my meals?
If you caught me with another woman....would you still do that thing I like?
Good to know. THAT's loyalty.
If I turned my face away in disgust of your underarm stench....would you still look at me sweetly?
Through all of life's tribulations, these are my vows. When the going gets tough, don't ever change.

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**BiNoS** said...

You are by far my favorite blog writer. I love this site, it makes me both want to laugh and cry a litte everytime I read it. The Muff Dive was a favorite, because your sense of humor is incredibly great, and well just because when you let an imagination sore free, you`re bound to end up with something fantabulous. And that, my friend, is what happened with your nonsensical-gibberish website... you made it fantabulous. Keep it up, DM!