My apologies

I have been getting a few complaints about the lack of content lately on the blog.

Geez well I am sorry. Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes of proper blog maintenance. Really, I will tell you who the real culprits are: f-ing Facebook and Consumating (www.facebook.com, www.consumating.com). Facebook seems to be taking off with the same ferocity that myspace did about 6 months ago. What is with these trends in social networks? I'll bet you anything that in about 6 months there will be a new and exciting network to be a part of and Facebook profiles will go untended. This is a trend I am predicting, which has probably already been predicted in the past. Most likely it will be an updated version of Windows Live Spaces with increased functionality. I must admit though, Facebook is pretty fun. When all is said and done Nonsensical Gibberish will always be there for you. All it takes is a little open fire to roast these chestnuts of blogdom.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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